My CBD Diary - by Tiago Silva

In this CBD Diary episode, we met with our good friend Tiago Silva who has been trying our products for a few weeks now. We've asked him to tell us more about him and how he's included CBD as part of his lifestyle. Thanks for sharing your views Tiago!

Tell us about you Tiago?

Hey, my name is Tiago Silva. I’m a Personal Trainer and Master Trainer at fitness boutique 1Rebel UK. I am a man who loves life and those around me to the full. Ah…I am also a sports fanatic, especially extreme sports such as surfing and skating.

How did you hear about CBD?

As soon as CBD started appearing the UK, some health magazines and blogs that I read were talking about it. It crossed my mind to try it out but I didn't pursue it instantly. Then after a year or so, I was searching online how to naturally treat skin conditions for dogs and many vets and owners were praising CBD oil. I also came across a lot of people mentioning that they were using on themselves and the benefits in skin, sleep, anxiety and so on. I ordered it and it has proven that it is not a placebo…CBD really works!

What motivates you to take CBD?

The improvement on my body's recovery. Also to really enhance that moment when you want to “relax” that bit more.

How do you use your XYLEM CBD products?

I use CBD BODY OIL twice a day. First in the morning before going to work and at night before bed. I use the CBD SPRAY 30 minutes before bed. 

Thank you Xylem for producing such quality products. A lot of people don’t believe that natural products can actually work. Xylem are fighting the stigma against CBD as a natural product being able to cure ailments and improve a healthy lifestyle.

I am definitely converted!

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