• How should I store my Xylem products?

Xylem products are like your skin, we recommend that you take care of it. Keep Xylem products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • Are Xylem products tested on animals?

At Xylem we love all animals. Testing on animals is a disgusting practice that should not exist. Period. We are not big fans of zoos and circuses either.

  • Are Xylem products Vegan?

Yes, expect the CBD Balm, which uses Organic Beeswax. We are very proud to be the only CBD brand in the UK to be certified by the Vegetarian Association UK. Take note.

  • Does Xylem use Palm oil?

No, we are against any products with palm oil. You won’t find any palm oil in Xylem products and that’s a promise.

  • Do Xylem products have an expiry date?

When purchased, our Xylem products have a 1-year shelf life; this depends on the time of opening. You will find the expiry date on the label of the each product. If in doubt, please contact us at, providing the batch number and we will let you know.

  • Do Xylem products contain Parabens, Sulphates or Preservatives?

Absolutely not. We are 100% organic and only want the best for your body.

  • Do Xylem products contain soybeans?

No soybeans are in any of our products.

  • Do Xylem products contain alcohol?

Our products are free of alcohol, Ethyl and Ethanol and always will be. If you feel like having some, please visit your nearest drinking establishment!


  • Will Xylem products aggravate sensitive skin?

We all have a different skin types, and to be honest it’s what makes you, you! However we understand skin can be sensitive and unpredictable. If you feel any discomfort or notice any kind of reaction, we recommend you to stop using our products for 10 days. If any kind of irritation persists, stop using our products and consult a professional dermatologist.

If you have very delicate skin, please allow a period of 24 hours to let your beautiful skin adapt. If you notice no reaction, please repeat the process and enjoy the full benefits of Xylem.

  • Can I use Xylem hydrating products under makeup?

Yes! The Xylem Massage oil and the Xylem Balm can be worn under makeup.

Please clean your skin then apply our products, allowing time for your skin to fully absorb the CBD goodness prior to applying your make up.

  • Do Xylem products contain nuts?

The Xylem massage body oil contains nuts as it is made with organic almond oil.

  • Can I stock Xylem at my place of business?

Yes, please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime at info@xylem.coWe will come back to your ASAP to talk about our RRP price and incentives.

  • Where should I direct my press enquiries?

We are an honest and small London limited company; if you have any press enquiries, please contact us directly at